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Selecting The Right Glass For Your Windows

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If you are planning on building your own home, you need to see everything is done perfectly. The location of your house, the type of materials you choose, the floor plan of the house, all needs to be done, exactly the way you want it. But certain things are overlooked by people, as they feel those things are of less importance. But shockingly, the smallest of the smallest things play an important role in making your dream house look beautiful.

All houses require windows for the light to pass through your house. That means you need to choose the right glass for your house. If you are looking for the best glass windows, Rockingham glass is the best option. Sites like houzz.com have often suggested that people think carefully before buying glass windows.

The glass is the only material used in the building, that not only protects you from extreme ranges of temperatures but also controls the passage of heat and light into and out of your homes. Solar heat gain, natural light, and thermal conductivity are the three main things that need to be considered when thinking about installing windows for your house.

Choosing the right kind of glass will help in controlling glare and radiations like UV, from entering your home. It helps in insulating your home from an excessive heat gain or loss. You can determine what type of glass you want by understanding the climate conditions prevailing in your place. By choosing performance glass, you can enjoy views without compromising your house’s energy efficiency. During winter, performance glass provides you with the natural warming effect of solar heat and lessens its impact during summer.

There are many types of glass you can choose from.

· Clear Float Glass
Clear float glass is a visually colorless glass which provides clarity and an increased transmission of light. Most performance glass is made from clear float glass. It is typically used in windows and doors. But it doesn’t provide any additional benefits in terms of insulating or reducing solar heat to your house. Float glass may shatter or if broken, may produce extremely dangerous pieces of glass.

· Reflective glass
The Reflective glass can control sunlight entry more, compared to the usual tinted-float glass. It can be used in creating a specific type of appearance to your house. During the manufacturing process, a metallic coating is applied, to create a highly reflective appearance. Reflective glass is available in clear, green, neutral, bronze, and blue colors.

· Tinted Glass
Tinted glass is obtained by adding metal oxides to float glass. Tinted glass is known to re-radiate and absorb solar energy which in turn, reduces heat. It can provide cost-efficient climate control. Tinted glass is aesthetically appealing, and also can reduce sun glare. Even though tinted glass is used for controlling solar heat, it usually provides only limited insulation benefit. And the glass, if broken may produce hazardous bits of glass.

· Laminated Glass
More than two layers of glass are stuck together to create laminated glass. The lamination process helps the glass panels to stay bonded even if there is an accident, like a breakage, thereby decreasing the chances of the risk of causing harm to anyone. Most types of popular glass can be laminated. Laminated glass can be found in tinted, reflective, clear and Low Emission glass types.

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